Discerning Eye 2017

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I am delighted that two of my ceramic sculptures 'Dark Meteor' and 'Unexploded' have been selected for The Discerning Eye exhibition, opening in The Mall Galleries, London on 15th November.

Small Worlds in MANIFEST

Planet 7 was selected by Manchester gallery PS Mirabel for their wonderful show Small Worlds. This was part of the Manifest arts festival across Manchester in the summer 2017

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Creekside Open 2017

My ceramic installation Four Planets was selected by Alison Wilding for the Creekside Open 2017.


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‘Looking Out’ D.Gardner and J.Millar

A Site-Responsive art project at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square

13 November 2015 to 26 March 2016

  • A unique art project which responds to the actants, spaces and archive of Conway Hall, home of the Conway Hall Ethical Society
  •  Works are installed around the building, allowing visitors access to this unique site
  • Monday 18th January, 6.30 – 8pm: artists’ tour and talk (FREE)
  • Thursday 3rd March: an evening hosted by Club Critical Theory (FREE) Radical Critical Spaces

Download the Conway Hall Press release

An artistic and curatorial collaboration between Deborah Gardner and Jane Millar, 'Conway Actants' is a visual art project in Conway Hall that directly responds to its ethos, activities, history and archive. Photographic collaboration revealing the more hidden spaces of Conway Hall, and its library at dusk, hang both inside and on the outside facing Red Lion Square. Hexagonal structures suspended from ceiling windows will link the bee hives on the roof with the collective interior space, mixed media paintings explore spaces and structures propagated by human and non-human agency and a series of assemblage works respond to archive portraits of key figures in the history of Conway Hall. Composers Cynthia Millar and Roly Porter collaborate on a sound work in a response to the
‘piano auctions at Conway Hall and the itinerant nature of the objects and music.
Conway Actants is a project that aims to make Conway Hall accessible for artistic intervention and therefore ultimately aims to increase awareness of an organisation with an extraordinary history of ethics and freethinking in Britain

Listings Information:

Title: Conway Actants
Address: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL
Dates: 13 November to 26 March
Opening times: 9am to 9pm daily
Admission free ‘Bismuth Two’, J. Millar 2015
Phone: 02074051818

Twitter: @ConwayHall Jane Millar@sitecurious
Press contact:     07817906204