Words about my ceramic work

I make hand-built, mainly wall-based ceramic works.

'Jane Millar makes wall-based ceramic sculpture and starts with the idea of energy within the unseen interior of a ceramic object, and its actions on a surface. The work explores a territory between ideas of what is natural and unnatural; between plant, material culture, body, and earth.'

Fuzzy Objects, San Mei Gallery Brixton, March 2020 (with Nicky Hodge and Janet Currier) 

Planets, moons and meteorites... Their battered or smooth, scratched and stained, inlaid and exploded shapes and surfaces result from unseen interior actions, and unstoppable exterior energies. The shapes are coiled, punctured, pushed, bombarded and encrusted.  They are chemical portraits too - of oxides, silica, carbonates...

Test Dummys...I very rarely make tests for surfaces and glazes, preferring to encourage disaster and unknown consequences. These small forms are based on baby dummy and bottle teats, and are often tests for trying out new processes. I am building their numbers to make a wall-full.



Studio:                    ACME Studios, East Place, West Norwood.



2008 - 2012: UCL IoE MA, Education in Museum and Galleries

1987 - 1989: Royal College of Art, MA Painting

1984 – 1987: Canterbury College of Art, BA Hons Fine Art

1983 - 1984: Cardiff College of Art, Foundation Course



CAN WE EVER KNOW THE MEANING OF THESE OBJECTS? With the Clayworkers Union, Gallery 46, Whitechapel. Curated by Sarah Sparkes and Kevin Quigley.

Pretty Ugly Thameside Gallery, April 2021. Curated by Andrew Eakins

Two week sculpture residency, Hogchester Arts, November 2020. Selected by Chantal Powell (director), Clare Burnett (RSS President), and Domo Baal. Postponed until 2021

Site-specific exhibition at South London Botanical Institute, June 2021.

Soul Matters, ASC Gallery, London. Curated by Darren O'Brien. Postponed until 2021.



2020:              Pending San Mei Gallery, Brixton, London

                        A Personal Perspective Selected by Liz May, APT Gallery, Creekside, Deptford

                        Fuzzy Objects, San Mei Gallery, Brixton. Three person show (with Nicky Hodge                            and Janet Currier). Essay by Roxy Walsh

                        New Doggerland (part 2), Thameside Studios Gallery. Curated by Jane Millar.

2019:              Creekside Open, selected by Brian Griffiths, APT Gallery, Creekside, Deptford

                        We Can Only Have Fun On Certain Days, Warbling Collective, Stour Space,                                  Hackney

                        New Doggerland, Lumen Gallery, London

                        Slow Life Solo show, Coffee is my Cup of Tea, Hackney. Curated by Richard                                  Ducker

2018:              40 Celsius - ASC Open, selected by Tabish Khan, Visual Arts Editor for the 

                       Londonist, Grafton Quarter.    

                        Exhibition space, Croydon.

                        Space Shift, APT Gallery, Deptford. Curated by Sarah Kogan.

                        Ghost Tide, curated by Monika Bobinska and Sarah Sparkes, Thameside gallery, 


                        Cosmic Perspectives, Lumen Group Open, Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, London.

                        Votive, Southwark Cathedral, for the Thames Festival, with the Associated Clay 

                         Clayworkers Union.

                        More in Common, APT Gallery, Deptford. Curated by Deborah Gardner

2017:              The Discerning Eye 2017, Mall Galleries, London

2017:              Creekside Open 2017, selected by Alison Wilding

                       'Small Worlds', selected for PS Mirabel, Manchester, part of Manifest

2016:              'Design & Architecture', Studio 73, Brixton

                        'Unnatural Histories', SPH gallery, Chatham, Kent

2015:              'Conway Actants', residency and site-responsive project at Conway Hall,                                        London, with sculptor Deborah Gardner. ACE funded.

2013:             'The Curious Exchange', Dulwich Festival 2013, commissioned for Dulwich                                    Festival.

2012-13:        Curious, a site-specific art trail at West Norwood Cemetery, artist and curator.

                       'The Pilgrimage Project', Wilton’s Music Hall. Curated by Sophie Herxheimer.

                       'The Hanky Show', London Printworks Trust.

                       Two –person show, with Jane Ward, Studio 73, Brixton, London.

2009:              An Tobar, Mull, with the LAND2 group.

2008:              So Near So Far, five artists, APT Gallery, London.

2007:              Peer Esteem, Five Years, Hackney, London

2007:              So Near So Far, Ebersberg Kunstverein, Ebersberg,   


2006:             The Technology of Enchantment, Menier Gallery,


2006:             Particular Places, Toni Heath Gallery, London. Solo show.


2005:              LAND2, Beyond Landscape, RWA, Bristol.

2004:              LAND2, Beyond Landscape, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax.

                      BRIXTON ARTISTS: 198 Gallery, Railton Rd, Herne Hill.

1992 - 2003:   Represented in solo and group shows by England & Co, London.

                      Artbridge 2003, Sheridan Russell Gallery, London.

2000:              The Freud Museum, London. Launch of FOLD : The     

                      Newspaper of the Unconscious.

                      291 Gallery, London. Launch of customized editions of  FOLD.

1998:             Ground, Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

1995:            DAD, Gasworks, Vauxhall’ London.



 November 2013 to July 2014:  Associate Research Curatorship, with ACE strategic funding, for A Fine Line, with Jeremy Theophilus; researching and developing an exhibition of contemporary crafts in Southend.  

Curious: Two site-specific art trails at West Norwood Cemetery, in 2012 and 2013.

Involving 26 artists, working in different media; each artist interpreting a burial or other aspect of the cemetery. A Grand Picnic for the Common Dead was held as part of Curious 2013. Curious was funded by the Mayor’s Outer London Boroughs Fund.

November 2013: Curious Books, a curated selling show, at Studio 73, Brixton, SW2, 4th to 10th

 May 2013: The Curious Exchange, commissioned by Southwark Council for the Dulwich Festival. The Curious Exchange was designed to involve local creative communities in exchanging work without money, finding an audience and public platform, and networking; as well as engaging in ideas around value, generosity and reciprocity.

January 2000:  FOLD: The Newspaper of the Unconscious, 30 artists collaborated to produce an artist's newspaper. FOLD was launched at the Freud Museum and the 291 Gallery, Hackney in 2000, sold from major gallery and art bookshops throughout London, and the Tate Modern.